錦織 準決勝 オンコート・インタビュー 英語全文




インタビュアー(I)Kei, Incredible match. congratulation.  圭、素晴らしい試合だったわ。おめでとう。

圭(K) Thank you.

I    Can you describe your emotions at this big win? この大きな勝ちについてあなたの気持ちを表現できる?

K    I don’t know what’t going on. you know, I was (a) little bit tight. especially it was my first semi-final in a Grand Slam.

and but, oh it’s just (an) amazing, amazing feeling, you know,  beating number one player, and also playing much, much better than this couple of matches, so happy.

何が起きたのかわからない。ちょっと厳しかったし、特に最初のグランドスラムのセミだったし。でも、素晴らしかった。素晴らしい気持ちだった。No. 1プレイヤーを倒せてね。それに、最近の他の試合よりもいいプレイができてハッピーだ。


I  Well, your last matches went distance 2 five set matches, it’s hot today, the condition is rough, how are you able to manage to pull it off?



K Yeah, it was really tough conditions today, it was felt a little bit heavy, and humid too, so, but ah, you know,  I guess, I love to play long matches. and I hope I can recover well for the final.




I   How are you able to recover after loosing second set 6-1? and then, win the third from the tie-break.  What was the difference?

どうやって6-1からリカバーしたの? 3セット目のタイブレークからの勝ちとの違いは何?


K   Yeah, I mean, he started to play much better.  you know, very consistent and (being or really) more aggressive,  but I try to forget about, you know, these first and second set(s),  try to concentrate again.

イエー、つまり、彼は最初すごくよかった。 とても堅実で、よりアグレッシブ。でも、ファーストとセカンド・セットのことは忘れようとした。もう一度集中したんだ。


I   Kei, you added Michel Chan to your coaching team in this season,  what kind of  advice Michel gave you? Playing in your first time at (semi-)final Grand Slam.

圭、今シーズン、マイケル・チャンをコーチングチームに迎えたわね。どんなアドバイスをくれたの? 最初のグランド・スラムで。


K  Yeah, it’s been, he’s been helping me a lot, him and dante is (are) getting communicate a lot. We’ve been walking(workingと言いたかったのかもしれない。別のインタビューでEverything worked well todayと言っているのを聞いたが、やはりWalkに近かった) super well. That’s why I’m here.



I   You are the first Japanese male that be the final of major.   What does this to you back home in Japan.


K   I hope it’s big news in Japan. I know a lot of ah, I feel the support from Japan even from the TV, it’s,  I don’t know,  4 o’clock in the morning. but ah, I hope a lot of people watching.


I   I bet you everybody’s of watching this great run. Kei, congratulation, best good luck in the final.



K   Thank you.








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