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アーティストDIDO(ダイド)の最新アルバム(Safe Trip Home)の曲「Let’s Do The Things We Normally Do」に、IRAのプロテストソングの歌詞があるとして議論を巻き起こしています。Mail Onlineが6日報じた記事によると、かつてBBCで放送禁止になったIRAの歌が、今まで無害な歌で人気だったDIDOの歌詞の一部に含まれているとのこと。しかも、父方はアイルランド系だそうです。解釈の仕方はイギリス側とIRA側で分かれますね。
続きには原曲の「The men behind the wire」と歌詞を掲載しました。

DIDOが引用した部分は「Armoured cars and tanks and guns, Came to take away our sons, But every man must stand behind, The men behind the wire.」
The men behind the wire
Through the little streets of Belfast
In the dark of early morn
British soldiers came marauding
Wrecking little homes with scorn
Heedless of the crying children
Cragging fathers from their beds
Beating sons while helpless mothers
Watched the blood poor from their heads
Armoured cars and tanks and guns
Came to take away our sons
But every man must stand behind
The men behind the wire
Not for them a judge and jury
Nor indeed a trial at all
But being Irish means you´re guilty
So we´re guilty one and all
Round the world the truth will echo
Cromwell´s men are here again
England´s name again is sullied
In the eyes of honest men.

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